My name is Sheila and I am the Domestic Dork. Take note, I am not a Domestic Goddess, at all. I tried my hand in being one but I know that I will never be successful on that as I don’t have the natural gift or inclination to be one. But since I always try my very best to be the greatest homemaker for my husband and kids, I have dubbed myself as the Domestic Dork. I am always eager to try and learn something new as well as improve myself because I believe that it is a very important undertaking for my family.

My journey into becoming a Domestic Dork started when I was just nineteen years old and single. Back then, I have always admired my mom and grandmother and even my aunts for being very good homemakers. I wanted very much to be like them.

But, no matter how I tried, all of my cooking, baking and craft making always seem to fail. I felt that the entire universe was against my ambition of being a good homemaker. In fact, I became so depressed at one point that I didn’t want to enter into a relationship because I felt that I couldn’t contribute anything.

Then came my boyfriend who eventually became my husband. He helped me manage all my insecurities in being a homemaker. He told me that my passion for being a perfect homemaker outweighs all of my insecurities and made me perfect in his eyes. Who can say otherwise to that right?

And so, I now feel more empowered that I can take on the world and continue on a journey of continuously improving myself. I also want to inspire other women like me to feel that they can do anything if they really put their minds and hearts to it. Hopefully, you will be one of them!

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