I have always wanted to be a domestic goddess

I have always wanted to be a domestic goddess. I wanted to be someone who is perfectly at home in the kitchen, can do wonders with baking and cooking and even excel in homemade arts and crafts in our carriage house garage door in Michigan. No need to be handy or tough. If I need something I’ll just type into the phone garage door repair near me and I’m all set!

One of my greatest idols is the beautiful Nigella Dawson who is able to whip up perfectly hearty, delicious and beautiful food. She is my inspiration in my desire to be a domestic goddess. Aside from her, I have also idolized various homemakers who are really good in what they do.


Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to really become a domestic goddess, I only turned out to be a domestic dork. I have tried really hard to become good in the kitchen and in doing various arts and crafts at home. While I feel that I have made some good progress, I still can’t say that I have now turned into a domestic goddess. But what I can confirm is that I have learned a lot in my journey of trying to turn myself into a perfect homemaker.

This blogsite is all about my journey. Here, I am sharing with you the things that I have learned while trying to achieve and perfect the kind of domestic skills that I have always wanted. In this website, you will be able to access the following:

Insights in my journey of becoming a perfect homemaker

I am not a perfect homemaker now nor will I ever be. This is because I feel that no matter how I try, I will never be a natural at being a homemaker, unlike my mom, my grandmother and the millions of women out there who have the natural gift of being homemakers. My husband constantly tells me that I am already good at what I do. I know that I am lucky to have such a supportive spouse. Unfortunately, I know that I can be more and do more as a wife and a mother but I just naturally don’t have that homemaking gift. But the important thing to know for women like myself is that I try really hard and I give the very best in everything that I do. This is what I try to chronicle in this website. Look at the My Insights tab to read about my journey.

My creations

I have tried my hand in a lot of things that homemakers the world over do for their family. I cook, I bake, I clean the house, I work on various arts and crafts. All of these are featured in the My Creations tab. I hope that you will find the time to look through it and see what I have done. I hope that you will find inspiration in both of my failures and successes to start your own projects. This is the reason why I have started this blog, to inspire you and other homemakers out there to try to improve and continuously learn new things for ourselves and for our families.

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