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I have always wanted to be a domestic goddess

I have always wanted to be a domestic goddess. I wanted to be someone who is perfectly at home in the kitchen, can do wonders with baking and cooking and even excel in homemade arts and crafts in our carriage house garage door in Scottsdale.

One of my greatest idols is the beautiful Nigella Dawson who is able to whip up perfectly hearty, delicious and beautiful food. She is my inspiration in my desire to be a domestic goddess. Aside from her, I have also idolized various homemakers who are really good in what they do.

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to really become a domestic goddess, I only turned out to be a domestic dork. I have tried really hard to become good in the kitchen and in doing various arts and crafts at home. While I feel that I have made some good progress, I still can’t say that I have now turned into a domestic goddess. But what I can confirm is that I have learned a lot in my journey of trying to turn myself into a perfect homemaker.