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Best Bibles for Teens

Hebrews 4:12 reminds us that “the word of God is alive and active.” With numerous societal challenges and complications around us, the best parents can do today for their teenage children is to offer them the word of God in a form that best appeals to them. It is difficult to attract and engage teens without watering down the word of God to an extent where it is merely a motivational message from the Creator to His creation.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


The 5 Best Bibles for Teens

In this article we list down some the best bibles for teens. While these versions do tone down the severity of language, they accurately represent the word of God and make it even more admirable with the use of graphics and attractive fonts. These bibles for teens are demographically relevant, while still remaining faithful to the text.


1. NIV, Quest Study Bible for Teens

The NIV, Quest Study Bible for Teens provides all the answers that teens need from the Bible. This bible isn’t specifically geared toward any gender, and provides teenage learners from both genders the introduction they need to the word of God. Teens happen to show a lot of curiosity toward God and his existence, and this bible answers that curiosity with an insightful look into God’s Word.


The NIV, Quest Study Bible comes with over 7,000 side notes and 360 articles providing teens the side notes they require to gather expertise on what’s said and mentioned in the Bible. This definitely is our top pick for teens really looking to study and learn the word of God in its true form.



  • Meant for teenagers looking to learn
  • Interesting narratives and articles
  • Over 7,000 side notes



  • Not really high on graphics and diverse fonts


2. NIV, Bible for Teen Girls

The NIV, Bible for Teen Girls is designed specifically for girls aged 13 to 18. This bible provides real instructions for real teen girls with real problems. Packed with daily reading potential, this bible highlights the promises of God and provides smart advice with challenging insights about the realities of life.


This Bible is meant to help teen girls develop their faith, love and hope. The Bible helps teen girls discover faith in God in almost all passages of life, including relations with family, with friends, with guys and a lot more.



  • Completely accurate text
  • Daily readings for girls
  • Character profiles of all women in the Bible
  • Highlighted promises of God



  • Text is criticized to be too edifying at times


3. NIV, Beautiful Word Coloring Bible

This NIV, Beautiful Word Coloring Bible comes with over hundreds of verses illustrated in detail in a ready-to-color line art format. The bible employs the proven stress-relieving technique of coloring to help you feel de-stressed and to also reflect over the content that you are coloring. Teens can typically find this Bible helpful as it introduces the word of God in a manner that is best suited to them.


This large print bible ensures a wonderful time meditating over God’s word as you color through the Scripture art. The thick white paper also has ample space for random musings and artistic expressions.



  • Complete text from the accurate and readable New International Version
  • Hundreds of verses in a ready to color line art form
  • Lined margins for notes, reflections and art
  • Easy to read



  • Will have to be replaced with another bible over time


4. NIV, Thinline Bible for Teens

This NIV, Thin line Bible for Teens comes in a leather soft, red letter edition. The Bible also comes with a new and easy to read type face. The articulate fonts and narratives allow teenagers to deeply explore the word of God. Measuring even less than an inch in thickness, this is the perfect on-the-go Bible for teenagers to take with them to church, study groups, school or other travels.


The translation is accurate and remains faithful to the original text. The smooth reading experience is complemented with the addition of appropriate colors.



  • Complete text from the accurate and readable New International Version
  • Double column format
  • Less than an inch thick and portable
  • Words of Jesus marked in red





5. NIV, Bible for Teen Guys, Hardcover

This NIV Bible for Teen Guys is specifically designed for all boys aged 13 to 18. The Bible includes narratives and notes for real teenage boys with real problems. This version includes daily readings for boys to go through, along with highlighted promises and rewards from God. The Bible also includes open discussions about the realities of life, along with smart advice and other insights.


The NIV Bible for Teen Guys helps all young boys grow in faith and form a bond with God. The directions are clear and help teenagers form relations with family, friends and girls.



  • Complete text from the accurate and readable New International Version
  • Daily readings and directions for boys
  • Character profiles of all men in the Bible
  • Highlighted promises and rewards of God



  • Only meant for one gender


What to Look for When Buying the Best Bible for Teens?

Do consider these factors before buying the Bible for teens:



Even with the addition of attractive graphics and imagery, the Bible should remain faithful to the original text.



Teenagers have a shorter attention span when it comes to matters of faith. Hence, the ideal bible should include the right graphics, with interactive fonts and colors.



Please consider the price before the purchase. Buy a Bible that falls within your price range and does not require you to break your bank.