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Best Cell Phones for Seniors with Dementia

Cell phones these days are increasingly complex and difficult to understand for people who are relatively tech savvy and good at understanding technology. The ever updating technology in cell phones has meant that there is always something new in the pocket sized machine in your pocket.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


While it is easy for us to keep track of these changes, most senior citizens with dementia can have an almost impossible experience dealing with the changes in smartphones. The compact screen-size along with a ton of screen applications have made it extremely difficult for people with dementia to use their smartphones.


Most patients of dementia cannot use cell phones unless and until they have the right features present in their cell phones.


The 5 Best Cell Phones for Seniors with Dementia

In this article we shed some light on the best cell phones for seniors with dementia. These cell phones come with added enhancements and accessibility options to make sure senior citizens with dementia are able to enjoy a seamless mobile phone experience.


1. RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Since most phones today are designed with younger audiences in mind, the RAZ memory cell phone is a breath of fresh air for most seniors. The RAZ memory cell phone comes with a specific design for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s in mind.


The phone comes with a single screen touch interface and also features names and pictures of 6 contacts on the home screen. There is also a convenient red button that can be pressed to call 911 in case of an emergency.


Caregivers can also remotely manage the phone to track location and even delete/create contacts on the phone.



  • The simple design allows for people with dementia to keep track of contacts and numbers
  • The phone comes with GPS tracking that can allow loved ones to keep an eye on their senior partners
  • You can block unwanted calls from predatory salesmen



  • A bit on the heavier side


2. Jitterbug Smart Phone by GreatCall

Many senior citizens who love and find touch phones more convenient would complete adore this Jitterbug Smart Phone by GreatCall. It comes with a contemporary smartphone feel to it and has a 5.5-inch screen. The device can easily fit in the hands of your senior loved ones.


The menu is simple and well organized and your senior loved ones will get a hang of it easily. The phone displays content in larger fonts.



  • Excellent customer service
  • Easier UI makes it easy to understand
  • The organized menu is a blessing



  • Smartphones have more features, which can be confusing


3. Jitterbug Flip Phone by GreatCall

This Jitterbug Flip Phone by GreatCall is the ideal phone for seniors with dementia, who are looking for a simpler device without any complicated features or new directions. Users can easily follow the directions on-screen and can determine just how they want their phone to work.


Once you press the menu button, a list of instructions will grace your screen. Your loved ones can hear your voice from a distance, because of the power speaker. Loved ones can also dial a number easily because of the larger fonts and numbers. Just click the menu button and easily follow the directions that come.



  • The customer service is amazing
  • The speaker is loud and allows you to connect with people you love
  • No complicated functions on the menu
  • Phone can be linked to medical app for tracking health of your loved ones



  • Poor battery life is a common complaint


4. Snapfon ezTWO Senior Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

This Snapfon ezTWO Senior Unlocked GSM Cell Phone might look like a calculator, but performs better than almost all other competitors in the market. The instructions are easy to follow on this device because of the simple UI.


The device comes with an additional keypad lock switch to make sure that accidental falls are avoided. The keypad lock also helps stop a dementia patient from calling the same person over and over again. Most patients can repeatedly call the same person again and again out of habit.



  • The speaking keypad is a definitive plus point
  • Buttons do not function once keypad lock is activated
  • Comes with an SOS button for emergency calling



  • A bit on the expensive side


5. Easyfone Prime-A4 GPS Localization Unlocked Smart Senior Cell Phone

This Easyfone Prime-A4 GPS Localization Unlocked Smart Senior Cell Phone comes with a stylish design and is the perfect gift to give to your adult loved ones if you want them to carry a smartphone that has aesthetic features.


This phone is equipped with pretty much everything that your senior loved ones would want to have on their phone. Senior dementia patients can now use the camera, listen to their favorite songs and even watch movies. The built in GPS and the SOS button also come in handy during emergency situations.



  • The SOS button can be used for emergency contact
  • The screen is big and bright
  • Affordable price



  • The phone is from an off-brand company without any customer service record


What to Consider When Buying Cell Phones for Seniors With Dementia

Cell phones for senior citizens happen to be different than the cell phones used by the rest of us. Keeping this in mind, there are some special considerations that you should adhere to when buying these cell phones. Some features to consider when buying cell phones for seniors with dementia include:


Easy to Understand

This might sound obvious, but the first feature you should look out for is a cell phone that has simple functions and is easy to understand. The phone you should get for a senior loved one with dementia should have minimal options that do not require a lot of navigation across different menus and screens. The phone should also have easy one-touch functions that are easier for people with dementia to remember.


Big Buttons

You should look for a phone with big buttons that are printed in a bold and well contrasted manner. The buttons on the cell phone should be clearly labeled, so that your senior loved one can easily see and dial the right number. It would be difficult for them to navigate their way across small numbers with multiple functions.


Long Battery Life

People with dementia often find it hard to remember to charge their phone. They can forget to charge their phone for 3 to 4 days on the trot, which is why the right cell phone should have a long battery life. Phones with a decent battery life also require less frequent maintenance.


One Tough Emergency Button

Phones with one touch emergency buttons are preferred because they make speed dialing easier and more convenient during an emergency. Your senior loved one should be able to make quick calls during an emergency. Buttons should be painted red or labeled SOS for quick response.


Our Final Thoughts

Cell phones for people with dementia differ from cell phones for the rest of the population. With the list of recommended products above and the things you should consider when making the purchase, we now expect you to purchase the best cell phone for seniors with dementia. Gift your loved one a cell phone they can actually use.