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Best Combs For Men

There is nothing better than adding those finishing touches for a perfectly groomed hairstyle as a man. However, did you know that the type of comb you use has a bearing on how you look?  Today, we are overwhelmed with products in every category, making it challenging to differentiate quality products from substandard ones.


In a Hurry? Here are the Best Combs for Men


What Makes a Good Comb?

This article will go over the factors that make a great comb and explore the best combs for men.


Comb Materials

Combs can be made from various materials such as metals, wood, plastic, and so on. Let’s look at each one in detail and what they bring to the table.



Metal combs are much more durable than combs made from other materials. They have a feeling of weightiness that you cannot find in other materials. Styling is also easier as they prevent friction and static. On the other hand, metal combs can be problematic if the teeth are not polished regularly.



Plastic combs have acquired a bad reputation due to some plastic combs’ sub-par quality that leaves ridges, lines, or seams in the hair. Also, many plastic combs don’t last very long.


However, this isn’t the case for all plastic/synthetic combs. Some plastic combs use high-quality materials such as cellulose acetate, which is more like rubber than plastic. These combs are made to last with polished teeth that provide a great styling experience.



Many experts agree that wooden combs are the best. They are great for massaging, thus releasing natural oils from your scalp that make your hair healthy. These combs will also last much longer than cheap metal or plastic combs.


The overall look you get with a wooden comb is much fuller as they don’t let off any static electricity.



Carbon combs are robust and produce little to no static. They work well with dense or thick hair types.



Horn combs are made from buffalo or ox horns and also produce no static. Just like wooden combs, they release natural oils in your scalp upon use.


Comb Design

A comb’s design is split between its teeth and the handle.


Teeth Design

There are three types of teeth for the comb. Wide-tooth, fine-tooth, and medium tooth combs. Wide-tooth combs have more space between the teeth and work best with damp or thick hair to detangle clumps of hair.


Medium tooth combs are versatile and primarily used while cutting or styling hair. They also help remove tangles.


Lastly, fine-tooth combs have teeth very close to each other and work best for thin hair. They assist in creating parts, removing tangles, and styling hair neatly in place.


Handle Designs

Handle designs also affect the functionality of a comb. Some combs fold into their handles which makes them easy to carry.


Others provide styling properties, such as a long tail comb with a thin extra-long handle used to create sections of hair for detailing and styling.


Machine-Pressed vs Sawcut Combs

Sawcut combs have teeth that are cut by hand and then polished and buffed. This provides a smooth and satisfying experience. In contrast, as the name suggests, machine-stamped combs have jagged teeth that are cut using machines which are not suitable for your hair and scalp as they can lead to scratches and tangling of hair.


The 6 Best Combs for Men

Now that we know what to look for in a good comb, let’s go ahead and take a look at the very best combs for men.


1. KENT 143mm Pocket Comb

This pocket comb by Kent is handmade using high-quality synthetic tortoiseshell. The teeth are sawcut with two tooth sizes for both rough and thin hair.


Coming in at 143 mm, the Kent is large enough to help get you your favorite hairstyles while being snug enough to fit in your pocket. Kent is in the business of making combs and brushes since 1777; therefore, you need not worry about quality and durability.


2. Go Comb

If you are trying to find a comb that you can always travel with, the Go Comb is a perfect choice. The Comb is pencil-thin and about the size of a credit card, meaning that it can easily fit in your wallet.


The material used for the Comb is stainless steel, with a coat of anti-static paint. This allows the comb to skate easily through your hair while being rust and corrosion-free. The product works best for people with mustaches, short-hair, or beards.


If you are looking for portability, the ‘Go Comb’ is one of the best combs for men.


3. Cricket

Due to its carbon construction, the Cricket C30 power delivers a static-free experience when combing your hair while feeling light and strong in hand.


The Comb has two teeth sizes for fine and rough hair, making it suitable for cutting and styling different hair types. This is largely due to the carbon used in making the product, which avoids pulling or snagging hair. The cricket is also compact and durable, so there isn’t much going wrong with this one.


4. Paul Mitchell Detangler Comb

For someone with long and straight hair, having a wide-tooth comb is crucial for detangling and holding back your hair. It’s primarily useful after coming out of a shower to help straighten your hair.


Although you would need another comb to add final styling touches, the Paul Mitchell detangler comb is an excellent investment considering the use you would get out of it.


5. Kent 85mm Folding Pocket Comb

This Kent Comb is handmade with durable synthetic tortoise shell in line with other Kent hair products.


The comb’s unique feature is that it folds inside its handle, making it the best for use while traveling as you won’t find yourself tangling things with the teeth as with other combs. This is one best combs for men on the road.


The teeth themselves are saw-cut, best suited for straight and fine hair with rounded points to prevent hair damage.


6. Salonchic Rat Tail Comb

The Salonchic is a fine comb that is 100% static-free because of its hard rubber and carbon construction.


The comb is lightweight and heat resistant, if you need to use a hairdryer or straightener. It has large, wide teeth to detangle and tame thick hair along with a rat tail which is ideal for sectioning hair. It will also last you a long time due to the use of durable materials.


Our Final Thoughts

To achieve the perfect hairstyle, you might need more than one comb in your arsenal. The comb you choose depends upon your hair length, type, fragility, and styling demands you have. The best way to go about this is to try things out and ask your barber which combs would work best for you.