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Best Drum Sets for Kids

Getting your child interested in music from a young age can benefit them psychologically. Gone are the days when learning music and musical instruments were considered hobbies for grownups. These days, kids are picking up musical instruments from a relatively young age, which sparks their creativity and ensures they have a healthy activity to participate in. If your child is showing an inclination towards musical instruments, you should consider buying one for them.


In a Hurry? Here are the Best Drum Sets for Kids


The drum set is a musical instrument that isn’t difficult to master, and children love playing and performing with it. If you’re someone who has no idea about musical instruments, selecting the best drum set for your child can be challenging. There are many drum sets for kids available in the market, making choosing the right one for your child a complicated task. Hence, we will share our buyer’s guide along with our reviews for the best drum sets for kids right here.


What to Consider When Buying a Drum Sets for Kids

You must consider several things when searching for the best drum sets for kids in the market. You should be aware of them since they can make choosing the right drum set for your child easier for you. These factors include:


Age of Your Child

You must consider how old your child is as that will play a major role in finding the best drum set for them. There are drum sets available for different age groups, and you will have a better time finding the right one based on your child’s age.


Number of Pieces in the Drum Set

There are different drum sets with various numbers of pieces in them. You will obviously not want to overwhelm your child by purchasing a drum set with many pieces and moving parts. You want to keep things simple initially. So, consider how many pieces your kid will be comfortable playing with their drum set.



Drumsticks for kids come in different shapes and sizes. You want to consider how comfortable your kid will be playing with a particular set of drumsticks. Make sure you pick as drum set that comes with drumsticks that your child can use.


Height of the Drum

You must also consider the height of the drum when buying a drum set for your kid. You want your kid to reach the drum at a suitable height and not reach for it too much. That consideration is an important one as you want your child to be comfortable playing with their drum set.


The 3 Best Drum Sets for Kids

Now that we have looked at all the different factors you must consider when purchasing the best drum sets for kids, we shall look at the reviews. We have compiled these reviews after considering all the factors that make for a great drum set for kids. Choose any drum set for your kid from the following and allow your kid to master the art of drumming from a young age.


1. Mendini 16-inch 3-Piece Drum Set

The Mendini 16-inch 3-Piece drum set is one of the best options for individuals looking for the best drum set for kids. It is an excellent drum set for kids that are 3-feet to 5-feet tall, and it comes in various attractive colors. The drum set features three drums and a cymbal, ensuring that your kid will look forward to their drum sessions on this drum set.


There are six lugs on every side of the head on this 16-inch drum set, which help keep the drum stable, and the snare and hanging tom come with five lugs on every side of their heads. This drum set comes with all the necessary parts your kid needs, including two drumsticks, an assembly manual, a drum throne, a snare drum stand, a cymbal holder, and a bass drum pedal. All these features ensure your kid will enjoy playing on this drum set for hours.



  • Excellent start drum set for kids
  • Easy to assemble with the manual
  • Sound quality isn’t bad for a drum set for kids
  • Durable and sturdy hardware


2. Eastar 14-inch 3-Piece Kids Drum Set

The Eastar 14-inch 3-Piece kids drum set isn’t a toy drum set and shouldn’t be compared with one either. Eastar is renowned for producing high-quality drum sets, and this 14-inch 3-piece drum set for kids is another one. The drum set produces fantastic sound, and the drum skin vibrates wonderfully and uniformly. You can also adjust and tighten the drum heads with a key included in the drum set.


Eastar drum sets are made of wood with metal hardware and plastic heads. This drum set’s metal parts have got electroplating, which ensures that they appear like a professional drum set. The drum set parts are all sturdy and well-made, and there are two sets of drum sticks with the drum set.



  • Excellent sound quality
  • Well-made and sturdy drums
  • 12-month warranty
  • Very affordable


3. Questlove Pocket Kit Drum Set

The Questlove Pocket Kit drum set by Ludwig is one of the best drum sets for kids, and a complete drum kit that sounds good is durable and can be used straight away. The drum set is ideal for kids aged between four to ten years of age but can also be played by older adults. The Questlove Pocket Kit drum set’s best part is that it offers a full-scale playing experience to young drummers.


The drum set sounds exceptionally good, and with a little tuning, your young drummer will be playing some awesome tunes on this drum kit. The best part is that the drum set comes with playing tips and video instructions to help your young drummer learn the art of drumming quickly.



  • It comes with complete drumming components
  • Exceptional sound of the drums
  • Playing tips and video instructions are included


Our Final Thoughts

Buying the best drum sets for kids shouldn’t be too hard once you’ve gone through our list. We have reviewed the best options and highlighted some of the factors you must consider when shopping for kids’ drum sets.


As always, make sure that your drum set is the right size and height for your kid, as that will make it easier for them to start playing and performing to their best abilities. We hope we have helped make your decision-making process easier through our guide on the best drum sets for kids.