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Best Golf Drivers for Seniors

Golf is not a sport that discriminates with age – it accepts individuals of all ages, from young children to seniors. As a senior, you have more time than ever to play golf. However, you can’t perform your best if your golfing equipment isn’t up to date.


In a Hurry? Here are the Best Golf Drivers for Seniors


The 3 Best Golf Drivers for Seniors

Because choosing a driver suitable for seniors can be daunting, we’ve narrowed down the selection for you. No matter your gender or budget, our picks have something for everyone. We have also included a mini buyer’s guide so you can be sure to pick the right driver for your unique needs. Read on to see our top picks for best drivers for seniors.


1. TaylorMade M6 Driver

TaylorMade’s M4 and M5 drivers have been fan favorites, so it’s no wonder that the M6 is one of the best drivers for seniors. It boasts a large, 460cc head (the largest allowed by the USGA) for maximum forgiveness and is engineered to optimize COR (coefficient of restitution) for lightning-fast speed and increased distance.


The driver has a twist face that stabilizes off-center hits and reduces spin, ensuring long, straight shots. In addition to heel-toe weighting, the club has an aerodynamically shaped head that manipulates CG and increases MOI, effectively resulting in minimal spin and high launch.



  • 4 flex options, including senior flex
  • Right- and left-hand options available
  • Lightweight graphite shaft



  • Not suitable for those on a budget


2. Cobra Golf Women’s F-MAX Offset Driver

Although the F-Max has a large, 460cc head for increased forgiveness, it is one of the lightest drivers on the market today. This makes it especially great for seniors in terms of swing speed and the resulting distance.


The use of a carbon fiber crown (in place of titanium) saves approximately 10 grams of weight, which instead, is redistributed to ensure high MOI for increased forgiveness and speed. The graphite shaft is also 5 grams lighter so that golfers can increase swing speed, and thus, cover a greater distance.


In using this driver, seniors can rest assured that there won’t be any problems setting up square to the target – the F-Max includes PWR ridges to help with visual alignment, ensuring the straightest of shots.


Seniors looking to improve their handicap will appreciate the back/heel weighting in the driver, since it results in straighter hits and reduces slicing. Additionally, since the driver has an offset hosel, seniors are sure to find the middle of the fairway every single time.



  • Right- and left-hand options available
  • Weight saving carbon crown
  • Maximizes distance and speed
  • Reduces slicing
  • Visual alignment guide



  • Relatively high price tag


3. Callaway XR 16 Driver

Callaway’s XR 16 is one of the best drivers for seniors because of its forgiving nature. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced golfer, forgiveness is never unwanted. The XR 16 manipulates the center of gravity by placing it deeper into the clubhead, increasing forgiveness.


Callaway has also worked with Boeing to make the XR 16 more aerodynamic. This, in addition to its lightweight nature, makes it a pleasure to swing through the air. Senior golfers need not worry about their swing speed – all of this, in combination with the R-MOTO face, make the XR 16 a driver that has it all, from forgiveness to speed and distance.


In addition to higher launch, seniors can look forward to excellent feel. The XR 16 ensures an excellent golfing experience since it allows for response but eliminates unwanted vibration. Golfers looking for adjustability will also love this driver – it includes a draw setting to close the face and allows for slightly adjusting the loft.



  • Affordable
  • Lightweight graphite shaft
  • Senior flex available
  • Maximizes forgiveness, speed and distance



  • Highest loft available is 10.5 degrees


Factors to Consider

As a senior, your driver needs are going to be different from when you first started out or when you finally made it to single digits. While your skill level may be the same, it is important to get a driver that works with your new form. It is only then that you can show off your golfing skills. Here are some of the factors you should take into consideration before making a purchase.



While some seniors can still swing the club as fast as they did ten years ago, others require a little help. This is where weight comes in – a more lightweight club will allow you to swing faster. This, in turn, will help increase distance.



Shafts are usually made of steel or graphite. Seniors who are looking for lighter clubs should opt for graphite shafts instead of steel shafts. However, it should be noted that graphite shafts are more expensive than steel shafts. Shaft material can also affect flex, with steel shafts offering much less flex than graphite shafts. Many options also offer a ‘senior’ flex.



Some seniors prefer variety in terms of loft, while others want to correct a slice. Either way, adjustability can be an important factor when picking a new driver.Opting for a driver with adjustable weights can help with forgiveness and distance, while opting for an adjustable hosel allows the golfer to shift the loft.



Senior players usually prefer higher lofts because they result in increased distance. However, this depends on the golfer, and what some people can do with 12 degrees, others can do at 10.5 degrees. Those with slower swing speeds, however, usually stick to 12 degrees.


Our Final Thoughts

All of these are our tried-and-true favorites, but two stand out from the rest – the TaylorMade M6 Driver is an excellent choice for men while the Cobra Golf Women’s F-MAX Offset Driver is the best option out there for female golfers.


We hope this list of the best drivers for seniors was useful and helps you pick your perfect driver. Happy golfing!