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Best Headphones for Teens

Nowadays, everywhere we go, we are either deeply immersed in our cellphones while keeping our ears on our surroundings or can’t hear a thing with our headphones blasting away. It doesn’t just have to be music though, some teenagers prefer listening to a podcast, watching a show or talking to a friend.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


The 5 Best Headphones for Teens

In either case, we are unwilling to compromise on audio quality since our headphones help create our much-needed independence and personal space. Now that you’re looking for the best headphones for teens, we’ve compiled 5 of the best options in 2020 from a seemingly endless list of alternatives.


1. Sony WH1000XM3

Sony’s WH1000XM3 over-ear headphones have managed to overtake thousands of brands and with good reason. For starters, their noise-canceling feature is considered to be among the best in the market and paired with awesome sound quality, their performance is unbeatable.


These headphones offer wireless connectivity thanks to their seamless Bluetooth feature and they take things one step further by throwing in Alexa, the built-in voice assistant, to the mix. Additionally, the battery life of these headphones is unmatched, offering users 30 hours of non-stop output and on the flip side, charging is super fast thanks to the fast USBC charging cable.



  • Built-in over-ear controls to skip songs or answer calls
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • LCD display
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • USBC fast charging cable
  • Supreme noise cancelling output



  • Premium price-tag


2. Beats Solo 3

If you give any teenager 2 chances to guess which brand makes the best headphones for teens, one of their guesses is bound to be Beats by Dr. Dre. These headphones have been immensely popular ever since they hit the market and we found them offering gold-standard audio quality.


Since teenagers are very picky about fashion and trends, Beats Solo 3 offer many finishes and colors to choose from. Each model offers pristine wireless connectivity and never stumbles throughout its impressive battery life of 22 uninterrupted hours. Additionally, these headphones feature Pure ANC (Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling) which dampens every sound in the user’s surroundings.



  • Stellar sound quality
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling
  • Multiple finishes and colors to choose from
  • 22 hours of battery life
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity



  • Doesn’t offer adjustability in size


3. Mpow M059

In 3rd place, we have the Mpow M059 Bluetooth headphones that offer one of the best sound qualities in the market, but for a fraction of the price laid down by other brands. One feature that really caught our attention was the memory foam used as ear cushions for both sides of the headphones. We’ll just leave it to your imagination to illustrate the cloud-like cushions over each ear.


Additionally, the Mpow M059 does not feature Adaptive Noise Cancelling, but it’s passive noise isolation design manages to dampen surrounding sounds all the same, without sacrificing battery life. Speaking of battery life, these headphones fall short of the Beats by only 2 hours.



  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Additional headphone jack to switch over from wireless connectivity
  • Very affordable as compared to pricey brands
  • Each ear cushion is made with memory foam
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Can be foldedto fit into tight storage bags or compartments



  • All the navigation buttons on the headphones have no tackle bumps to guide users


4. Status Audio BT One

If you’re looking for a pair of mid-priced and lightweight headphones, then you’d better have a look at the Status Audio BT One. This product has been built with Bluetooth 5.0 and is virtually compatible with every Bluetooth device. Not only do these headphones offer supreme sound quality but users can also choose from a list of stylish colors.


This model sets the benchmark high by matching our best headphones with a 30-hour battery life. Moreover, when your battery does finally die out, it should take only an hour to juice them up to their full potential.



  • 30-hour battery life
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Foldable design
  • 25-meter range wireless connectivity
  • Can be fully charged within 1 hour
  • Bluetooth 5.0



  • Users have complained that the microphone isn’t all that great


5. Riwbox-WB5

Did you fall in love with those headphones that are designed with sleep metal accents? Well, how about you choose Riwbox-WB5 to match white or black finishes with similar metal designs? Additionally, these headphones have a built-in equalizer to toggle through a variety of sound modes including Jazz, Classical, Pop and Rock. By doing so, users can match the headphones’ output with their preferences.


These headphones are a great bargain because they offer built-in touch buttons and microphones that aid users in skipping songs, playing/pausing videos or picking up/hanging up calls. Also, the best thing we noticed about these headphones was that they had an exceptionally good bass output.



  • Sleek metal accents
  • Users can choose between white and black colors
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-in equalizer
  • Built-in touch button and microphone
  • Exceptionally good bass output



  • Some users have reported bugs in the Bluetooth features


What to Look for When Buying Headphones

Choosing the best headphones while seeing through all those marketing gimmicks can be really agonizing for teenagers. As a result, more consumers just end up purchasing products that may have the most hype or just seem to ‘look good’. This is why we recommend clearing the smoke screen by looking for a few key features. These include:


Sound Quality

Sound quality is, without a doubt, the most important thing consumers should look for and this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy the most expensive sets in the market. That being said, how you define sound quality depends on your personal taste. For instance, do you prefer well-rounded sounds or ultra high-fidelity with dedicated bass?



If you prefer wide and open sound outputs from your headphones, then you should stick to a pair that is designed with an open-back. Alternatively, close-back cans should be the way to go if you’re looking for zero sound leakage.


Wired or Wireless

This is an important consideration and has very little to do with whether a particular pair of headphones has connectivity issues. Technology has come a long way since Bluetooth connectivity was introduced and instead, your choice should depend on things like freedom of wireless set or being bound by quickly draining battery lives.



Teenagers tend to go through headphones as quickly as they would go snooping through someone’s social media feed. This is why you don’t have to go all out and break the bank to buy the best headphones for teens. You could always settle for more budget-friendly options with the same quality of output and design.


Our Final Thoughts

A great pair of headphones is a necessary item for audiophiles since they prefer unwinding with the help of their favorite music and audiobooks. Well, why shouldn’t you try to make the best of your hobby and prioritize quality by picking the best headphones for teens?


All 5 of the headphones we reviewed in this post have been ranked with respect to comfort, design, audio fidelity and features. We hope you found what you came looking for and are about to crank your music up to how it was intended to be heard.