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Best Inflatable Pools for Adults

A swimming pool in your lawn or backyard makes for a perfect instant getaway. Besides beating the heat during peak summer, the pool and space around it let you spend quality time with your family and friends. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have enough square footage, favorable topography, and money to build in-ground pools.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


But that doesn’t mean you’ve to miss out on all the pool fun. You can set up your home pool space with inflatable pools. These above-ground pools are just like pool floats but with a bigger size and sturdy construction. They’re available in different dimensions so you can suite the available space with the right pool size. You can easily move them around. Also, you don’t need to winterize inflatable pools because you can deflate them and store them in a safe place.


The 5 Best Inflatable Pools for Adults

If you don’t know where to get a portable and inflatable pool that is not just for kids, continue reading this piece. We’ve researched, shortlisted, and reviewed five of the best inflatable pools for adults in this article.


1. Intex Swimming Pool – Easy Set

This is another pocket-friendly inflatable pool by Intex. It’s more suitable for all those who’re looking for some length and depth in their portable, blowup pool. The diameter of this pool is eight feet and you can fill it up to two feet, making it a great option for an entire family.


We also like this pool for its shape. When inflated, it resembles the upper half of a giant cauldron due to its curve walls and tube-like border. The capacity of the pool also indicates its bigger size. This Intex Easy-Set pool can hold up to 639 gallons of water.



  • Made of heavy-duty vinyl that can hold a large quantity of water
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual suction hole fittings



  • Cover and pump is not included


2. Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

If you’re tight on budget and outdoor square footage and not looking for anything deep, this crystal blue inflatable pool by Intex is tailor-made for you. Intex is a reliable name among the above-ground pool and mattresses manufacturers for its use of propriety material.


This Intex crystal blue inflatable pool has a 5.5-feet diameter with a 10-inch depth.  After filling the pool full, you can lie down and fully submerge your body in it for escaping the unforgivable summer heat. The three-ring exterior and perfectly round shape also make this budget-friendly pool easy on the eyes.



  • A great bang for the buck
  • Comes with a repair patch
  • Equally good for adults and kids



  • Cover and pump is not included


3. Sable Inflatable Pool Family Full-Sized Pool

If you’re looking for a family-size pool, this one by Stable Store is definitely worth considering. It’s a large rectangular inflatable pool that you can set up on your lawn as well as the patio. It’s around 10 feet long, six feet wide, and holds water up to 20 inches. It can easily accommodate two adults and four kids at a time.


The pool is 60% thicker than other similar options available in the market— thanks to its Phthalate construction. This thickness extends the operating life of the pool by making it impervious to punctures.



  • Two water valves double the drainage speed
  • Features three individual air chambers— can withstand the extra weight
  • Comes in sea green and blue colors



  • Not suitable for extra small spaces


4. Jilong Giant Inflatable Family and Kids Inflatable Rectangular Pool

This pool by Jilong has the same size and shape as the Sable’s one. It’s 10 feet long and can hold water up to 20 inches. What makes it stand apart from the Sable pool is its finishing. This rectangular pool has a white border and a translucent blue body. The refraction of the water and bodies through the pool’s translucence is an interesting phenomenon to observe.


The pool also features three air chambers that provide it better structural integrity and also make inflation and deflation a breeze.



  • Features combo air valves for hassle-free inflation and deflation
  • Comes with a drain plug
  • Great value for money



  • No cover or pump included


5. VRZTLAI, Family Lounge Inflatable Swimming Pool

We’re rounding off our list with another rectangular pool designed for an entire family. Like the previous two pools, this VRZTLAI is also 10 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 20 inches deep. The distinctive bit about this pool is its attractive aquarium-themed wallpaper.  All its four dark blue walls feature a top-quality print of marine life.


This pool is made of PVC-layered high-strength carbon that is free of lead, BPA, and naphthalene. This well-thought-out construction doesn’t just improve the pool’s strength but also makes it safe to use.



  • Comes with a perpendicular drainpipe for easy water outflow
  • Equally good for indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal portable pool for a family of five



  • Comes without cover


Things to Consider While Buying Inflatable Pool for Adults

While navigating the market for the best inflatable pool for adults, take these things into account.



You can find most of the inflatable pools for adults in round and rectangular shapes. Rectangular pools are suitable for closed spaces where you need to take into account every inch. Meanwhile, round-shaped pools are better for open spaces.



Inflatable pools come in a range of sizes. A standard family-size inflatable pool will be 8-10 feet in size and features the depth of around two feet. You can also go with smaller blowup pools if you’ve space issues or need it for individual use.



Pick an inflatable pool that is made of either top-quality vinyl, or industry-grade PVC and its composite with rubber.



Don’t pay more than $50 for an inflatable pool even if it claims to be premium quality. All the top-of-the-line pools we’ve reviewed here come in the range of $10-$40.


Our Final Thoughts

We hope that the above reviews and discussion help you pick the best inflatable pool for adults. If we’re to make a suggestion, we’d recommend you buy Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool. It’s budget-friendly yet top-quality with depth and diameter suitable for adults. Sable’s rectangular family-size pool is also a good option for its quality and capacity.