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Best LEGO Sets for Adults

Traditionally, LEGO sets were believed to be toys for children by people who were completely devoid of any sense of imagination. However, the fact that many LEGO movies have emerged over the years and the sheer amount of LEGO Brickstagram and subreddit pages have introduced us to a new category of entertainment: the best LEGO sets for adults.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


Some LEGO sets have practically no age limit and may even be challenging enough for adults to remain engrossed for hours at a time. For this reason, we have compiled and reviewed 5 of the best LEGO sets for adults. Each set will be immersive enough to have your hands itching to complete the intended figurine.


The 5 Best LEGO Sets for Adults

Sounds too good to be true? We’re about to change all of that, piece by piece.


1. LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn Outer Space Model Rocket (1969 Pieces)

Would you like to let out your inner Benny Spaceman (one of the protagonists in the LEGO Movie) by building one of NASA’s most incredible feats of engineering? Not only is the NASA Apollo Saturn Outer Space Model a close representation of the original, but it is also considered to be one of the greatest LEGO kits of all time!


AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO) will be left in awe after getting introduced to the intricacies of the sleek white structure. They will also come across some interesting little treats along the way that will inspire curiosity and wonder among both space enthusiasts and skeptics.



  • Designed with 3 separable pieces of rockets
  • 3 stands can be used to display the rocket horizontally when it is complete
  • Consist of a number of mini-figures to go along with the completed figure
  • Even though it is long and unstable, the materials used for this set are durable and can withstand moving tables or countertops
  • The impeccable resemblance to the Apollo Saturn V
  • Perfect price ratio based on cost/piece



  • The completed model wasn’t as large as some adults imagined it would be


2. LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (1471 Pieces)

The Mustang has evolved over the years to become an important part of American culture and the ability to recreate it right in your home can turn out to be an exciting prospect. The Expert Ford Mustang allows you to rekindle your childhood dream of owning a vintage Ford Mustang and now you can recreate its breathtaking design with remarkable similarities to the national treasure.


Once completed, the roof of your LEGO Ford Mustang can be removed to allow you to have a look at its interior trim with leather car seats, a steering wheel and many other minute details. You can also play around with the exterior of your car by accessing its hood, adding a V8 engine, additional exhausts, spoilers, or a supercharger to make it look badass!



  • Removable roof grants access to detailed interior
  • The grille badge, two GT logo and paintwork seem a 100% authentic
  • Makes for a great display item at home or at the office
  • Includes customizable car accessories to design your car as you imagined it
  • Only 1400 pieces means adults won’t lose interest in the set
  • Completed model measures up to 3 x 12 x 5 inches



  • Some adults would prefer to play with a life-size model or something larger than a toy car


3. LEGO Ideas Tree House Building Kit (3,036 Pieces)

Most adults nowadays were lucky enough to have their own treehouses in the glory days where they would spend hours playing our imaginary battles with friends or reading comic books. For this reason, it would be difficult to say no to LEGOs Tree House Building Kit. Not only will this set bring some of the most fantastic memories splashing in, but the 3036 pieces are a real test of creativity and patience.


To further add to the appeal of this LEGOs set, the kit comes together to make three cabins with glorious additions of a buildable picnic table and beautiful leaves. What’s even better is that the leaves are designed to be interchangeable in that the fresh new leaves of Spring can be replaced with Autumn’s golden/yellow leaves.



  • Accessories include 4 mini-figures such as mom and dad figurines
  • Each cabin has a removable roof
  • Stunning interiors in the kid’s room, bedrooms and bathroom
  • The leaves are made from plant-based and sustainable plastic
  • Interchangeable leaves to depict different seasons
  • 3036 building pieces will take longer to complete



  • So many LEGO pieces might cause adults to lose interest or prioritize other activities.


4. LEGO Stranger Things the Upside Down Building Kit (2,287 Pieces)

Since adults love to ‘Netflix and chill’, most of them will be familiar with the hit 80’s style show called Stranger Things. While most of us wait restlessly for the next season, how about we fill the void with LEGOs Stranger Things The Upside Down Kit? The name says it all as LEGOs has molded together everything you loved about the show with many iconic set pieces.


This set includes impressive designs that mimic sequences from the show like the Bryce living room (complete with flashing lights) and Will’s room. Speaking of the characters, this set also includes the whole gang including Dustin, Lukas, Eleven and Mike. However, the best part about the set is that, when it’s completed, the model can be flipped upside down (literally).



  • Includes Hopper’s legendary police truck
  • Removable roof for better accessibility of the model’s elements
  • Sturdy design
  • All the right accessories to make you feel nostalgic
  • Flip-able model
  • Comes with 8 mini-figures of Stranger Things characters



  • A tad bit pricier than other adult LEGO sets


5. LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal Building Kit (5923 Pieces)

The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and took nearly a decade for Emperor Shah Jahan to complete for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Since this 42-acre masterpiece took so long to build, why should its miniature model make it any easier? Well, the Expert Taj Mahal Building Kit is probably the most complex kit we have on our list with nearly 6000 building pieces.


This replica was designed to be as close of a representation of the original as possible. For this reason, the set comes with 4 minarets, a central dome and 4 facades with arches. Once your model is complete, it will have to be transported in 7 different sections, all with an impeccable resemblance to the original. Now you can gift your significant other your own handiwork and use it as an impressive piece of decoration at your house or office.



  • Astonishing attention to detail
  • Nearly 6000 pieces means a longer immersive experience
  • Makes for a beautiful piece of decoration
  • Can be split into 7 subsections during or after construction
  • Consists of sweeping arches and beautiful balconies
  • The completed model measures up to 16 x 20 x 20 inches



  • The kit does not consist of mini-figures or additional accessories


What to Look for When Picking the Best LEGO Sets for Adults

1. Number of Constructible Pieces

Each LEGO set for adults depends on minute details which depend on the size of each piece and the number of parts in the package. Typically, LEGO sets for children have around 50 pieces but adult sets are far more complex. In simpler terms, the more constructible pieces you have, the more fun you can expect to have with your children or loved ones.


2. Size and Accessories

To expand on the complexity of the best LEGO sets for adults, you should also determine the size of its building blocks and whether the package offers extra accessories.


The smaller the LEGO blocks are, the more detailed the resulting figurine will be. However, this also means that the difficulty level is much higher than your average LEGO sets. Additionally, adult LEGO sets don’t only come with a guide and building blocks. These packages also consist of accessories for your final figurine such as stairs, or toy astronauts.


With a few accessories and numerous small building blocks, adults can enjoy a more in-depth experience of LEGO sets.


3. Affordability

The fact that a higher price point for toys translates to high quality is also true when it comes to LEGO sets. Alternatively, the price tag of each set can also work as the deciding factor of whether it falls within your budget or as a tie-breaker between two of the best LEGO sets for adults.


Our Final Thoughts

There are so many sources of entertainment in the modern world, yet it is still difficult to find productive outlets to fill the time adults spend at home. Fortunately, LEGOs can work as a constructive form of escape or social activity to interact with creative minds and solve the biggest problem facing parents and children – communication.


Team up with your children or your colleagues from work to put together thousands of pieces for a LEGO masterpiece. When it comes to LEGO sets, you’ll find that the journey is as much of a fun experience as the final destination.


Now all that needs to be decided is which of these best LEGO sets for adults are you going to gift yourself?