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Best Night Lights for Toddlers

Putting toddlers to bed is one of the most challenging aspects of the early years of parenting. Kids in that age tend to be restless all the time and hate to sleep. A good night light can address the woes of all those parents struggling to put their little tots to bed. A night light in cute shapes and warm hues besides the bed can keep toddlers calm and comfortable and hush their urge to move around. Those soft lights also dispel the dark and nighttime fears of a toddler.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices?


Also, their luminescence is enough to help parents check up on kids, change diapers, or breastfeed them without switching on the main light of the rooms or nursery. If you don’t know where to find night lights particularly designed for small kids, continue reading this article.


The 5 Best Night Lights for Toddlers

Here, we’ve researched, shortlisted, and reviewed five of the best night lights for toddlers available in the market right now.


1. Hatch Multifunction Baby Night Light

Hatch Baby Store has introduced a night light that strikes a perfect balance between form and function. It’s an all-in-one fixture that features night light, sound machine, and time-to-rise function. The light is also a modern piece of the fixture. You can pre-program and also control its functions through a smartphone app.


We also like this night light toddler for its minimalistic design that resembles the streamlined cylindrical shape of the Google Home device. The other great thing about this night light is it doesn’t become useless as your kid grows. Its alarm and strong light settings come handy for bedsides of older children.



  • Comes with a toddler lock
  • Ramp-adjustable brightness
  • Comes with smartphone control



  • Wi-Fi could’ve improved the range of wireless control


2. Jozo Night Lights for Kids Star Projector with Timer

If you want to turn your toddler’s nursery into a starry haven for putting them to happy sleep, consider getting this night light by Jozo. This light globe projects a complete starry night onto the ceiling and walls of the given room in warm white, green, blue, and red hues to create a tranquilizing environment perfect for sleep.


This starry night projector also features a timer so you don’t have to get up and switch if off after the kid has fallen asleep. Besides a regular USB charger, you can also power it through four AAA batteries.



  • Features a 99-minute timer
  • Comes with a USB power cord
  • Remain cool to touch



  • The construction of the lower section could’ve been better


3. Munchkin Light My Way Night Light

If your toddler doesn’t like to sleep in dark, you can give them this Munchkin light while putting them into bed. This night light features a cute owl shape with a soft yellow LED light. Kids can hold on to the light because it’s cool-to-touch and features a handle for a convenient grip.


Munchkin Night Light also features an automatic shutdown mechanism. The light features a timer that shuts off the light after 20 minutes. This feature helps conserve the battery power and enable the right environment for kid’s deep sleep.



  • Cute shape and a soft glow
  • Features easy-grasp handle
  • A great bang for the buck



  • The on/off button could’ve been placed on a better location


4. Asani Night Light for Kids

Asani has created a perfect night light for kids with both its shape and functions. The light depicts a chick cracking out of an egg. The chick features a soft-glow yellow LED that you can operate at various levels of brightness. It’s a rechargeable light that you can charge for up to 300 hours to operate at its lowest luminescence setting.


We also like this light for its tap controls. You need to tap your finger on the chick’s head for five seconds to switch on the light. Once the light is on, you can tap and hold your finger to change the luminescence. To switch off the light, just single-tap the chick’s head.



  • Rechargeable battery
  • Great for nursery décor
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty



  • Some people may find light adjustment a bit tricky


5. Fizz Creations Unicorn Night Light

Fizz Creations has created a budget-friendly unicorn light for nurseries and kids’ rooms. The great thing about this night light is its low price has no bearing on its quality and durability. It can operate for years after years without experiencing fading.


The other interesting bit about this unicorn fixture is that it phases among eight soft and warm color shades that create a calming effect in the room and help kids fall asleep faster.



  • Wireless operation— AAA battery-operated
  • Great value for money
  • Sturdy external frame



  • Luminescence is not adjustable


Things to Consider While Buying Best Night Lights for Toddlers

You should take these factors into account while buying the best night light for toddlers.


Size and Shape

Night lights that have dimensions within eight inches are perfect for toddlers. Regarding shape, it would be better if the light features a fun figure e.g. chick cracking out of an egg, a cute owl, a mystical unicorn.



Most manufacturers use child-safe plastic and translucent silicone to create night lights for toddlers. You should also stick to either of these material options.



You need to ensure that the fixture you pick emits the soft light. It’ll be better if the luminescence is adjustable so you can create a perfect pre-sleep environment for your little one. If you pick a fixture with non-adjustable brightness, make sure it’s not too bright to keep the child awake.



Make sure that the light features an LED bulb instead of CFC and incandescent variants. If you want the light that kids can grab and hold on to while sleeping, pick items that are free of wires and operate at low voltage with AAA batteries.


Our Final Thoughts

We hope that the above reviews and discussion help you pick the best night light for toddlers within the money you want to spend. If we’re to make any recommendation, we’d suggest you pick Hatch Multifunction Baby Night. Its soft and cool light, mobile control, multiple features, and long-lasting use are worth its price tag. You can also pick Asani Night Light for its cute shape, adjustable soft yellow light, and reasonable price.