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Best Nightlights for Adults

As toddlers, most of us had a fear of the dark. Growing up, we realized that there was nothing to be frightened of and it was all just in our heads. Of course, no matter how much we talk ourselves out of feeling nervous, we always feel safer with a little light.


In a Hurry? Here are the Best Night Lights for Adults


On a serious note, some of us do have an extreme fear of darkness. For instance, nyctophobia is an extreme fear of darkness and often results in adults feeling intense symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.


If you get scared of the dark too, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. All you need is a night light. You can perhaps make an excuse for it as a method of saving yourself from stepping on your children’s toys or toppling over expensive decorative items too.


With that said, we’re going to dedicate this post to the best nightlights for adults with a fear of the dark. If this is your first time buying a nightlight, we’ve also compiled a brief buyer’s guide to aid your decision.


What to Look for in an Adult Nightlight

Type of Night Light

Night lights can be found in a variety of styles and shapes. To save yourself from being overwhelmed by the multitudes of options available, consider one of the following types for your room:

  • Portable: These nightlights aretypically sold with rechargeable batteries.
  • Plug-ins: are the most common category and can be connected to standard outlets so they have a consistent source of power.
  • Plush: Plush night lights arecommonly sold in the shape of stuffed toy animals or other fancy designs.
  • Projector: These nightlights can display a particular shape or design on the wall.



Although it may seem like an extra to some, the color of a nightlight should not be overlooked. It is usually not recommended to pick your favorite colors because researchers have found that they don’t have a soothing effect on users. Instead, they recommend nightlights that cast red or orange hues because these colors imitate the sunset and signal to our brains that it is nighttime and, therefore, time to sleep.



One other thing you should consider is the brightness of each nightlight. Ideally, a nightlight shouldn’t be so bright that it disrupts your sleep and so dull that the pitch black of your room consumes its frail efforts. However, the good news is that there are thousands of nightlights sold with a range of settings, allowing you to adjust brightness levels.


The 4 Best Night Lights for Adults

Now that we’ve seen what makes a good night light, let’s go ahead and take a look at the very best night lights for adults.


1. LED Concepts Pack of 2 Plug-In LED Night Lights

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly solution to your nightmares, you’ll find that these plug-in LED lights won’t have a huge impact on your utility bill. This pair of nightlights have a cool design and emit a cool light throughout the night. All you need to do is plug them into an unused socket and the lights will automatically switch on when you turn off your light.


Granted, these nightlights have a white light, but their glow doesn’t interfere with your sleep and allows you to sleep beautifully all night long.


2. Reminda Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

In contrast to LED Concept’s white nightlight, this particular product has a blue light. Commonly, blue lights are used by people to treat new-born babies with jaundice. However, it also helps those who are diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Among the best features of this product is that it creates a very calming and soothing effect in a bedroom, and perhaps another plus point is that it looks really cool.


This nightlight was designed with a photocell sensor, which simply means that it automatically turns on during dusk and turns off upon sensing ambient light. Not only does this mean one less thing for you to worry about but also the fact that your utility bills don’t go through the roof.


3. J Devlin Multi-Colored Stained Glass Night Light

If you are a fan of vintage and antique nightlights, then you’re going to love J. Devlin. This brand is a well-known producer of glass art. Just imagine what their night lights are going to be like. The charcoal patina and metallic solder finish of this particular night light are both elegant and subtle, and you won’t have to worry about an odd electronic plug amongst your well-thought-out decor.


The best thing about J.Devlin’s plug-in night lights is that their stained glass and stylish design can be bought in different shades of aquamarine, burgundy, amber, peach, purple, and green. Simply put, it is both a nightlight and a work of art.


4. J. Devlin Tree Night Light Decorative Accent Lite

Here, we have yet another feature from J. Devlin’s unique designs. We loved this particular night light because it features a beautiful glass painting of an autumn tree with brown and amber shades. One look at this nightlight and you’ll forget all about the boogeyman and start picturing how well it would accent your bedroom, hallway, or bathroom.


The best thing about this product (and the one before) is that the handcrafted design adds a more personal touch to your bedroom as opposed to a generic bulb. What’s more, each of these nightlights comes with a low wattage bulb that doesn’t produce too much light and isn’t dull enough to be entirely redundant.


Our Final Thoughts

Who says nightlights are only made for children? The best nightlights for adults are designed to blend with fixtures and the bedroom decor and can keep you from being afraid of the dark. Rest assured, each of the products we’ve handpicked for you are easy to install and are going to emit enough light to not interrupt your sleep.


All you need to do now is pick the one you like best. So which is it going to be?