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Best Non-Slip Shower Mats for Seniors

Some showers tend to have a slippery surface, which can become even worse when your feet are wet and your legs aren’t as strong as they once were. This holds true for elderly adults who have a tendency to easily fall over when exposed to a slippery surface of any kind. Elderly adults aren’t as agile as they once used to be, and their legs and hips are far weaker than those of a younger adult.


In a Hurry? Here are the Best Non-slip Shower Mats for Seniors


Due to the frail nature of their body, there is an elevated chance of slipping over in the bathroom for elderly adults, and an even bigger chance of the injury causing significant damage to their joints. Knowing the repercussions that can be caused by a simple accident in the shower, it is necessary that caregivers practice precaution and have non-slip shower mats for seniors integrated within the shower area.


If you’re looking for the best non-slip shower mat for seniors, then we are here to help you out. In this article, we mention some of the best mats for senior adults and also include a buying guide to help you make the right decision at the time of purchase.


What to Consider When Buying a Non-Slip Shower Mat

Buying a new non-slip shower mat for seniors can be confusing and tricky, especially if you haven’t purchased one before and aren’t aware of the rates and varieties in the market. There are a few factors you should consider during the purchase, and we list them down for you in this section:


Slip-Resistant Features

For the mat to be truly non-slip, it should have slip-resistant features. While this is the primary area of concern in most shower mats, some lower-end products can compromise on this and end up offering mats that aren’t the right fit for your elderly loved one. Safety is a priority for seniors, and you should ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality of the mat.



Besides having a slip-resistant surface, the mat should stick wherever you place it and not move after being put under the slightest pressure. A good mat should have a sticky bottom surface and should stay put wherever you place it.


Mold-Free Surface

Shower mats are consistently exposed to the raging water flow; hence they can be under extensive threat of developing mold or mildew. The surface should hence cut down the chances of mold and not develop any smelly bacteria.


The 5 Best Non-slip Shower Mats for Seniors

Now that you know about what makes a good non-slip shower mat, let’s take a look at the very best shower mats for seniors.


1. Bathroom Bath Shower Mat by BGT

This bathroom bath shower mat by BGT comes in an ideal size for big showers and long bathtubs. Make sure the mat isn’t covering your drain or any other opening for the flow of water. The mat comes with suction cups underneath that help improve the grip between the surface and the mat and reduce the chances of slippage.


The vinyl composition also ensures that you can wash the mat in the washing machine without worrying about any complications. This product is equally recommended for senior citizens and children alike, as it can help ensure the safety of both age groups.


2. Shower Mat by Vive

This shower mat by Vive comes with a custom design that can easily fit inside almost all square showers you find around you today. The mat also comes with a drainage hole that can easily be aligned over the drainage hole on your bathroom floor.


The mat ensures the safe flow of water and the drain opening allows the water an outlet to get away and not gather on top of the surface to improve the efficiency of the process.


3. Non-Slip Bath & Shower Mat by Evelots

The slip-resistant surface of this shower mat is greatly complimented by the vinyl material on top of the mat. The mat ensures optimal treading and gives your senior loved ones a chance to even stand up when need be.


The mat, however, does have some issues when it comes to sticking to the surface of the bathroom. The suctions located at the bottom of the mat do not have enough power to maintain grip over the surface.


4. Tike Smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

This Tike Smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat is specifically made to sit easily on large tubs. The mat can stick easily on top of any slippery surface and give you the kind of resistance and performance you require in the long run.


The mat is also designed in a way that helps you get rid of any residue water whenever you want. The mat helps avoid and put an end to microbe growth in your tub and is made of soft fabric. The mat feels soft on your feet and is easy to stand on for your elderly loved one.


5. SlipX Solutions Clear Square Shower Stall Mat

The SlipX Solutions Clear Square Shower Stall Mat is made with vinyl fabric, which is excellent for preventing slippage in the shower area. The mat also comes with a number of suction cups located at the bottom, which make it one of the best mats to have in this price range.


The mat can stick well on both, textured and non-textured surfaces, and is ideal for small tubs. The mat might not cover the entire area in your shower stall, which is why you’ll have to be careful around the edges.


 Our Final Thoughts

The Bathroom Bath Shower Mat by BGT is our top pick as it comes with a number of non-slip features and has a durable sticky bottom. You can read reviews on these best non-slip shower mats for seniors online to make your final decision.