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Best Telescopes for Kids

There is something extremely mystical and enchanting about telescopes that can grasp the attention of kids. Kids like unearthing the mysteries of the world around them, which is why telescopes give them an opportunity to stare at the horizons around them and make sense of the black night sky.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


Kids are mystified and awed by the powers of a telescope. They see scientists and experts around them using these devices, which can further amplify the interest they have in a telescope. If you have a kid who is willing to learn more about the secrets of the world around them, then it is necessary that you get them a good telescope to satiate their desire for knowledge and discovery.


The 5 Best Telescopes for Kids

In this article we look at the best telescopes for kids, along with a buying guide to help you decide the telescope that is right for your kid. Go through this article and decide the option best suited for you and your child.


1. Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope – Portable Refractor Telescope

This Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope – Portable Refractor Telescope comes with two eye pieces measuring 10 mm and 20 mm and is perfectly suited for children of all ages. The low power and high power eye piece give you the kind of variation you need for viewing different phenomena across the sky.


The telescope also comes with a convenient 45 degree diagonal that works well with a finder scope. The diagonal can be placed between your telescope and eye piece to give you the kind of perspective you are craving.



  • The telescope is easy to move around; portable
  • The lens has a large objective
  • The telescope comes with multiple accessories that can amplify the end result



  • You might face issues with the tripod


2. ​Orion 10034 GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope Moon Kit

This Orion 10034 GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope Moon Kit comes with some amazing features and accessories at a convenient price. This is the perfect refractor telescope to build an interest for astronomy in your kid and indulge them towards the right track.


The telescope comes with portable features that allow you to pack it with you wherever you go. The best stargazing experiences are usually enjoyed outside the home, which is why your kid should be able to pack their telescope and head outdoors.



  • This telescope has a light weight and is easy to carry
  • Portable for outside stargazing experiences
  • Has decent magnifying power
  • Comes with two eye pieces



  • The tripod can be shaky at times


3. ​Oumoda Telescope

This Oumoda Telescope comes with an elegant and sleek design that is perfectly suited for kids. The design makes it look like a high-tech telescope. However, don’t let the appearance fool you as the controls and the mechanism for using this telescope are still fairly simple.


The sturdy structure of this telescope ensures that it is durable for use and you can enjoy the benefits even while banging it around during your trip. The telescope is significantly easy for you to assemble as it comes with a 50 mm aperture and a focal length measuring 360 mm. The telescope is perfect for kids with a developing interest in astronomy.



  • The telescope comes with different settings for magnification
  • Can be used for stargazing as well as earth viewing
  • Has a durable tripod



  • Assembling the telescope can be a bit time consuming


4. ​Solomark Telescope for Kids

Your kid would be delighted opening this Solomark Telescope for Kids. The telescope is equipped with numerous accessories and makes sky gazing a lot more fun and enjoyable. The telescope comes with a sunshade, a tripod, a backpack, a smartphone adapter and a Barlow lens.


Your kid might find all these accessories useful during their stargazing experience and would also be able to benefit from them during assignments and astronomy projects. Kids can take pictures of what they see through the telescope by mounting their smartphone and having unlimited fun.


The telescope is easy to use and can be grabbed and set up right out of the box. No elongated processes are needed here.



  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • The optics are crystal clear
  • Can be used by adults for daily use



  • Has a lot of small parts


5. ​Black TwinStar AstroMark 80mm 16-40x Power Portable Refractor Telescope

The Black TwinStar AstroMark 80mm 16-40x Power Portable Refractor Telescope is a great product for kids to further develop their passion and interest in astronomy. The telescope is extremely easy to use and can be assembled in a straightforward manner without any further complications.


The telescope comes with a customized backpack that makes it extremely easy for you to carry it on your back and go around with it conveniently. The telescope comes with a step by step setup guide that allows you to assemble the telescope without any further complications.



  • Extremely easy to use for first-time kids
  • The assembly is simple and convenient for children
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Has an affordable price



  • You will find it difficult to align the finder scope and the main scope together in the same line


What to Consider When Buying a Telescope for Kids

There are numerous things and features you should consider when buying the best telescope for your kids. It is necessary that you take into account all facets of the purchase, as you don’t want to mess up the actual buying process.


Reason for Purchase

It is necessary that you are clear on the purpose behind your purchase of a telescope. The qualities and prices of telescopes can greatly depend on the kind of purpose that you want the appliance to serve. Since we are specifically looking for telescopes for kids here, you wouldn’t need one that is used in professional places. Even a telescope with basic settings and features can work perfectly for your kids.



It is necessary that you consider the features of your telescope for kids and determine whether it is decent for the kid or not. Do not waste money on a telescope that has features way too advanced for your young kid to handle.


Once you study the features, you can determine whether your kid will need additional appliances with the telescope or whether the scope itself would suffice. Most kids with a passion for star reading and astronomy require a Barlow lens and other appliances.



It is necessary that you consider the warranty of all products that you buy with mechanical parts. Products without warranty cannot be trusted, as the manufacturers themselves aren’t ready to vouch for the quality of their products. For starters, you should look for telescopes with a warranty of one year or more. One year is necessary, and all problems that surface within the period should be reported to the manufacturer.



Finally, you should consider the price of the telescope you buy for your kid, as you wouldn’t want to break your budget just for one telescope.


Our Final Thoughts

We have looked at multiple recommended telescopes and also at the features you should consider before buying one. You are now prepared to step into the market and find the best telescope for your kids.