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Best Train Sets for Toddlers

Toy trains are timeless marvels and you will be making no mistake surprising your child with one of the best train sets for toddlers. These toys are designed to gather the entire family for some quality time and if you want to give your child a taste of traditional playtime, then here are a few classy train sets for modern day kids.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


The 5 Best Train Sets for Toddlers

In this post, we will be reviewing the best train sets for toddlers, however, we’re sure children of all ages will hog these toys for hours on end. Also, if you’re having trouble picking just one product, you can scroll further down to our brief buyer’s guide with key purchase considerations.


1. Play22 Wooden Train Set

In first place, we have the Play22 Wooden Train Set, which includes cabooses, hopper cars, magnetic tanker loads, magnetic cargo loads, cargo cars, a convertible hopper-coach car, coaches and engineers. All of these fun features come together to create a realistic experience for children.


This train set works with magnets to improve the stability of each piece on the track. Not only does it prove to be a fun experience for children but it can also be an educational one. Each of the pieces in the set can improve the child’s motor and color recognition skills.



  • The whole set is made from high quality wood
  • The set uses magnet to stabilize the train on its tracks
  • It improves the child’s motor and cognitive skills
  • Consists of 12 different representations of real train cargo
  • Will take some time for the child to grow out of
  • Can easily be packed and stored in its box



  • The significance of each train component may be a little difficult to understand for toddlers


2. BRIO My First Railway Beginner Pack Train Set

The BRIO My First Railway Beginner Pack Train Set is a colorful toy train that works with the help of reversible magnets and a rattling wagon which works while making many funny sounds. Since this toy is meant for toddlers, the train set also includes a rainbow bridge, some off-rail play settings, and guiding ramp tracks.


This train set is perfect for toddlers since it is very easy to assemble and any child can learn how to execute and coordinate its moving parts. This makes the toy a fun educational experience and it has been found to boost puzzle-solving skills, color recognition, cognitive abilities and fine motor skills.



  • Each of this train set’s numerous parts are easy to assemble
  • Has many off-rail accessories for children to play with as well
  • This toyhas passed many safety tests
  • Can boost children’s cognitive and motor skills
  • Easy to pack-up and store
  • Made using durable materials



  • Parents reported that their children grow out of this train set very quickly


3. KIdzzy Wooden Train Set – 12 Cars

Kidzzy has another wonderful surprise for new parents with the Wooden Trains Set for Toddlers. This engaging set comes with 12 wooden pieces of trains, with 4 ambulances, 4 fire and 4 police carriages. Each piece in this set can provide your child with an immersive play time and some exciting stories for their imagination.


This wooden train set, like the previous one, has also undergone a number of safety tests and parents can be sure that it wouldn’t lead to mishaps. Additionally, this train set can help develop your child’s fine motor and color recognition skills.



  • 12 wooden pieces to play with
  • Wooden components promise durability
  • Has been approved by multiple safety tests
  • Affordable
  • Will take time for toddlers to grow out of
  • Can be easily packed away or stored when not in use



  • While the wooden pieces have been found to be durable, the paint can wear off after repetitive use.


4. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset can immerse children into a playful learning experience with its set of train tracks, bridges, tunnels and the electronic train station. Each train ride can teach toddlers letter sounds and foreign languages since it greets children by saying, “Hello” in English, German, French and Spanish.


This train set is recommended for children aged 3 and above since it has more immersive features than average toys. Each push car uses AAA batteries to run on its tracks and children can get on board and choose to push the cars around without its batteries.



  • Can be enjoyed mechanically and manually
  • Offers additional landscaping features other than the train set itself
  • Greets children in 4 languages
  • Has passed through several safety procedures
  • Will take time for toddlers to grow out of
  • Can be packed away and assembled in just a couple of minutes



  • The additional landscaping features can create a clutter in the play area


5. KIdzzy Wooden Train Set – 27 Farm Cars

Finally, the Kidzzy Toys Wooden Trains is our 5th recommendation for the best train sets for toddlers. Not only does it allow young children to learn about trains with real replicas of train pieces but the train tracks can also form complex shapes such as polygons.


Other than its engaging and colorful looks, this train set has been designed with premium quality materials which include durable wood. Each of its many pieces have been tested for safety and is guaranteed to provide a safe playing environment for toddlers. Lastly, this train set can be extended to form larger trains and train tracks so friends or siblings can enjoy double the fun.



  • Can be extended with multiple sets
  • Helps children form different shapes of train tracks
  • Has passed comprehensive safety tests
  • Enhances toddler’s cognitive and fine motor skills
  • Features an engaging colorful design
  • Made of premium quality and durable materials



  • Children might need assistance setting up or packing this train set


What to Look for When Buying a Train Sets for Toddlers


How much room do your children have to play with their train sets? If they have a large dedicated playroom or space, then the size of the train set shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you can only use one corner of a room, you might want to settle for something that is more on the smaller side or at least offers flexibility in construction.


Similarly, parents should consider how easy it would be to take apart each train set, so it can be stored away safely.



Some train sets are sold only with the basics whereas other sets are sold with a whole table top to play on alongside sceneries, people and other vehicles to make an entire landscape. Your choice should depend on your child’s preferences and the budget you have set aside for their toys or gifts.


Level of Complexity

The best train sets for toddlers can be found in varying difficulty levels. Some of these sets require you to build the entire experience yourself whereas others are ready to play with as soon as they are out-of-the-box.


The level of complexity you choose should depend on your child’s level of interest, abilities and their age. Speaking of which, you should also try to buy something that these children won’t outgrow too quickly.


Our Final Thoughts

There are many different kinds of toy train sets in the market and each of them are designed with unique benefits and functions for children. Some of these trains are intended to have the general action figure functionality and are perfect for instant fun. On the other hand, some trains are engineered to have educational features and more sophisticated structures.


Now that you’re done reading our thorough review of the best train sets for toddlers, it is your responsibility to pick the product that will benefit your child the most. So which one is it going to be?