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Best Walkers for Babies

Babies happen to be quite active when they are growing up. Besides just being a handful to manage, this is also the age that you teach them how to walk and run around on their own feet. For a good part of their childhood, babies are assisted around by their parents. However, as they grow up, it is necessary that you allow them to feel their own feet, so that they can enjoy and learn through a more comprehensive walking experience.


In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices


In this article we look at some of the best walkers for babies in town. We realize exactly what parents and babies look for in the walkers they purchase and use, which is why the list we have made here is comprehensive and in line with what you would want for your young child.


The 5 Best Walkers for Babies

In this article, we look at some of the best baby walkers and also study what these walkers currently lack so that you know what to purchase for your baby.


1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is the perfect walker for babies that like to keep themselves busy. This walker is vibrant with interesting colors and is chock full of wonderful buttons and activities that kids can try out today. The best part about these walkers is that they happen to have an amazing list of activities that kids of all ages can try out.


Your baby can push the interesting buttons to enjoy the sound of music that plays in the background. The walker comes with a removable activity center that allows you to decide whether you want all activities to be available for your kid.


The device also comes with frustration-free packaging that makes it extremely easy for you to remove the packaging from the product when you are opening it. The activities on the walker make it easy for you to play all types of numbers, shapes, sounds, letters and music. The playing experience is interactive for your kid and allows them to enjoy the activities rather than get bored of the monotony.



  • The walker allows your baby to grow in confidence as they slowly and gradually learn how to push the walker around with the passage of time.
  • The removable toy bar is the best feature as it allows you to remove activities when you want your child to concentrate on the walking.
  • You can determine activities and fun-time according to your kid’s schedule.
  • Sturdy structure.



  • The walker weighs just 5 pounds, which isn’t particularly heavy for a small baby. There are chances of the baby falling over.
  • The activity pan can easily snap off over the passage of time.


2. Melissa & Doug Alligator Wooden Walker

The Melissa & Doug Alligator Wooden Walker is a wooden walker with plenty of activities involved in the process. The best part about this wooden walker is that it is extremely affordable and easy for you to buy for your little one. Your child would want to play with the walker as well, as it has a mix of striking colors, along with an aesthetic structure.


The walker can conveniently be customized for your own needs at a low cost addition. The design comes with a sturdy wood construction and will give you a quality lifetime. The walker makes interesting sounds when it moves, much in line with how most babies prefer things to be.



  • Helps encourage motor skills inyour kid when they are growing up.
  • Three cute little alligators chomp with every step your child takes.
  • The walker appeals aesthetically and with sound.
  • For babies of multiple ages.



  • Cannot leave baby alone with this locker because of slippage dangers.
  • The walker doesn’t function well on carpets.


3. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

When your baby turns 9 months old, they will be ready for the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon walker. This walker provides sufficient space for your kid to stuff all their beloved toys and stuffed animals with them in the walker wagon.


The larger size makes it convenient for kids of all ages to sit inside as they take a luxurious stroll across the living room. The walker has a weight capacity of 35 pounds, which is perfect for all growing children.



  • Come with a sturdy handle and base.
  • Wooden body for convenient movement.
  • Removable sides.
  • Children weighing up to 35 pounds can be seated inside.
  • For children aged 1-4.



  • The sideboards can fall apart at times.


4. Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Walker with its simple, rustic design and minimal features would appeal to all parents who want to get rid of the clutter that comes with excessive items stacked by their kid inside their room.


You can conveniently customize the seat color for this walker and decide the customization options you prefer. Your baby can move across the home inside this walker while snacking and munching on the items that they would prefer for themselves.



  • The spoon walker comes with an extra-large tray for feeding and drinking purposes.
  • Steel reinforcements save against furniture hits.
  • The seat comes fully assembled.
  • This is a hybrid chair and walker combo amalgamated together.



  • The walker has no toys or activities for kids. Additional toys are needed.


5. Disney Winnie the Pooh Music and Lights Walker

Unlike the walker that we have looked at above, the Disney Winnie the Pooh Music and Lights Walker comes with plenty of toys, lighting and music.


Interestingly enough, your choices are not limited to just Winnie the Pooh when it comes to the walker. You can also pick from Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse and the Happily Ever After Princess.


The adorable walker comes with 4 Winnie the Pooh toys and up to 12 songs that your child can dance to. The strong wheels work on all kinds of surfaces and give good traction.



  • Plenty of activities for kids to play.
  • Your little one can enjoy 12 different melodies.
  • The walker can be stored flat.



  • Walker cannot be locked into place.
  • Price is steep.


What to Look for When Buying a Baby Walker

Buying the best walker for babies can be a tough task, which is why you should consider the following aspects of the purchase:


Music and Activities

A decent walker for babies should offer music and activities which attract kids and keep them calm on the walker. Without music and games, the walker would be boring to walk around in.



You don’t want your kid to sit on a walker that cannot bear their weight; hence sturdiness is a feature that you ought to consider when choosing a walker for your child.


Tire Locks

The tires on your walker should come with a lock, so that the walker does not slip away when left unattended.


Our Final Thoughts

Walkers have had the attention of parents for long because of their inherent features and benefits. With this list of the best walkers you can buy and the features you should consider when buying a walker, we expect you to get the best walker for babies.